Assistance is programmed and implemented according to the following components:

I      Transition Assistance and Institution Building;

II    Cross-Border Cooperation;

III   Regional Development;

IV   Human Resources Development, and

V     Rural Development.

The Transition Assistance and Institution Building Component and Cross-Border Cooperation Component are accessible to all beneficiary countries in order to assist them in the process of transition and approximation to the EU, as well as to encourage regional cooperation between them.

The Regional Development Component, the Human Resources Development Component, and the Rural Development Componentare accessible only to Candidate countries accredited to manage funds in a Decentralised manner, in order to help them prepare for the time after accession, in particular for the implementation of the Community's cohesion and rural development policies, i.e. for using funds under the Cohesion Fund, the European Social Fund and European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).

The Rural Development Component supportsEU membership candidate countries for the policy development, as well as preparation for the implementation and management of the Community's common agricultural and cohesion policies.